You Never Know
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Season 3, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date June 9, 1999
Written by P. Kevin Strader (and Co-Producer)
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman (and Created by and Executive Producer)
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Halloween Bear It's All About You
You Never Know is the 6th episode of the third Season.


It's Ojo's birthday. She already knows that everyone's put together a big party for her, but she doesn't know about some special surprises. These include the biggest of all; a visit from her good friend Ursa. Pip and Pop learn just how important it is to keep such a surprise. Treelo also learns something about surprises; that sometimes they are fun, but the wrong kind of surprise (when he surprises Tutter into making him jump as to throw flour all over himself) can be scary. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow sings a verse of "Pop Goes the Weasel." Ojo's party isn't over just yet. It is bedtime for her, and Bear gives her one more present - a musical box. It would help her to sleep. Bear goes to the attic to tell Luna about it. Then before he leaves, he says that by the way, the next surprise will be you at his front door.


Shadow's Song (Pop Goes The Weasel) Edit

All around the cobbler's bench

The monkey chased the weasel

The monkey thought to his all and fun

Pop goes the weasel!


  • What's in the Mail Today? (shortened version, Music and Lyrics by Dave Kinnoin and Peter Lurye)
  • Surprise! (song by Brian Woodbury)
  • Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Happy, Happy Birthday (song by David Yazbek)
  • Score by Julian Harris and Rob Curto


  • This is the last episode to have Carmen Osbahr credited as Ursa.
  • A thinking cloud from Bear is seen revealing how Tutter got his surprise party.
  • The theme for this episode is surprise.