Words, Words, Words
Season 3, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date January 16, 1999
Written by Claudia Silver
Directed by Dean Gordon
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Words, Words, Words is the nineteenth episode of the third season.


Bear wakes up early on a sunny day and finds himself thinking about words. He enjoys reading the words in the Woodland Valley Gazette, as it helps him to keep-up-to-date on what's happening in Woodland Valley. While reading the paper, he hears a comotionn in the kitchen and finds Harry and Tutter playing there. Tutter wanted to play knights and shining armor, but something about what he's saying is causing Harry to quack up a storm. He told Harry that he could be "Big Beaky the Dragon" and now every time he says "big beak", Harry goes "all quacky". Bear has the two talk things and Tutter finds that Harry is sensitive about the big size of the beak. He apologizes, saying that he likes his beak. Next, Bear helps Pip and Pop when they can't find the "whatchamacallit" that stops the water from draining out of the bathtub --- the plug. Pip and Pop find that they're good with words, and rhyming. Later on, Ojo and the others hold a tea party in the attic. Harry's shy and afraid to join in, but Bear tells him that if he uses his words, the others will let him join in. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow tells the story of Peter Piper, who picked a peck of pickled peppers.



  • Headlines in the edition Bear reads the newspaper of the Woodland Valley Gazette including: Nesting Season Begins: Sparrows All-A-Twitter, Bears Blissful as Berry Bushes Bloom, Snail Marathon Planned: Race to Last All Summer and Snake Wrestling Ends in a Tie.
  • The last words in the newspaper that Bear is opening a new movie in the Woodland Valley Theatre: Citizen Krane: The Story of Young Bird's Rhyme to Fame and Power.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Spel met Woorden Game of Words
French Des Mots, Des Mots, Des Mots Words, Words, Words
German Spiel mit Wörtern Game of Words
Polish Słowa, Słowa, Słowa Words, Words, Words
Portuguese Palavras, Palavras, Palavras Words, Words, Words
Spanish Palabras, Palabras, Palabras Words, Words, Words

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