The Great BandiniEdit

The Great Bandini
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Season 4, Episode 19

Vital statistics

Air date November 3rd, 2003
Written by and Co-Producer Claudia Silver
Directed and Created by and Executive Producer Mitchell Kriegman

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The Great Bandini is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season.


A visitor is coming to Woodland Valley - the Great Bandini. Bear and his friends from the Big Blue House are on their way to attend a performance of Bandini. Shadow tells him all about the jazzy tune and Luna tells them about how she is a very musical moon! The sounds of the Earth float up to her, and she even hums along.



  • Otter Love Rap (music by Tyler Bunch and Tony Fennell; lyrics by Tyler Bunch) (flashback)
  • Grandma Mambo (music and lyrics by Peter Lurye) (flashback)
  • Music All Around (song by Michael Webster and Brian Woodbury)

Shadow Segment (Jazz): Edit

The string go zing, the drums go boom

The flute goes toot, and sax go zoom

Put them altogether in a lot of a sazz

And you've got something that's called jazz!


  • The theme for this episode is about music. The first was previously in 1997's episode Music to My Ears.
  • This episode has Whoopi Goldberg as the Great Bandini. She was shown since the movies 1994's The Lion King and 1986's The Colour Purple
  • When the Great Bandini says 'the name's Badger, Edwina Badger' as a 007 James Bond parody.
  • Bear doesn't say it is so good to see the viewers in this episode, he says he was hoping they'd come back.
  • Al Theuer is Audio 1.
  • The flashbacks from the songs of this episode were previously seen and heard from the last season's episodes Love Is All You Need and You Learn Something New Every Day.
  • When Bear sings a la by using his voice, he sings the theme tune of Welcome To The Big Blue House and Welcome To Woodland Valley.
  • This marks the next episode that Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip and Pop join in the Goodbye Song.