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The Big Blue Housecall
Season 2, Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date December 14, 1998
Written by Chris Moore
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman
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Picture This Change Is in the Air

The Big Blue Housecall is the fourteenth episode of Season 2.


The episode begins when Bear opens the door and greets the viewers. He follows them in. He tells them that everyone is excited about Doc Hogg. He sniffs at everyone and asked if they washed their hands with soap. He told them that today was check up day in The Big Blue House. Ojo was by the doorway and asked Bear if he said checkup and he said yes then she left and Bear went to find her and found out that she was gone but he said that everyone is excited because Doc Hogg is coming to give everyone a checkup in The Big Blue House. Bear hears Pip and Pop calling each Doctor to Treelo. Bear goes to The Living Room. He sees Pip and Pop as doctors and Treelo as the patient. Bear started to see Pip and Pop and Treelo in The Living Room. He sees Pip and Pop doctors and Treelo the patient. Pip and Pop were playing doctors and Treelo is the patient. They look at Treelo, check on Treelo. Bear goes back to The Downstairs Hallway. He asks the viewers if Doctors are people. And then a kids segment starts as a boy says that he has a doctor and a girl says that she has a doctor and she gives her stickers and a boy says that he has a doctor and it fades back to Bear and he says that they know all about doctors and then the doorbell rings


Old Doc Hogg

Everybody Say Ah

Just Say Ow


The Big Blue Housecall/Transcript


The Big Blue Housecall (Credits)


Bear: Hi there.

Ojo: Hi, Bear.

Bear: Hi, Ojo.

Ojo: Did you say checkup?

Bear: Um, yeah.

Ojo: Oh, bye, Bear.

Bear: Um, Ojo? She'll be back, because everyone is excited because old Doc Hogg is coming to give everyone a checkup. Oh, a checkup? It's when a doctor checks you from head to toe and check how healthy you are. And they


Bobby Delrusso is Cameramen Operator since 1998's The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street.

Doc Hogg made his first appearance.

In this episode, Doc Hogg comes to The Big Blue House.

In this episode, We see Doc Hogg use his stethoscope.

In the episode, Doc Hogg used his stethoscope 2 times. And there is no Shadow segment.

Just the Real Kids segment only.

Doc Hogg uses his stethoscope.

In the episode, Tutter asked Doc Hogg about his heart and he used his stethoscope.