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Noel MacNeal
Peter Linz
Tyler Bunch
Vicki Eibner

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The third season of the Bear in the Big Blue House series began airing from September 9th, 1999 to December 7th, 1999. It contains twenty-six episodes.


  1. Friends at Play - Ojo is excited about a visit from her friend, Christine Rabbit.
  2. Nothing to Fear - When Bear receives a package from "L.L. Bear" in the mail, he's surprised to find that he received a skunk clock rather than the bear clock he ordered.
  3. Lost and Found - Pip and Pop are out playing ball when they find a little duck who seems to be looking for something.
  4. The Senseless Detectives - Bear is busy doing some cooking. He's making his annual batch of cookies for everyone in Woodland Valley.
  5. Halloween Bear - It's Halloween at the Big Blue House. The house is all decorated and everyone is getting ready.
  6. You Never Know - It's Ojo's birthday. She already knows that everyone's put together a big party for her, but she doesn't know about some special surprises.
  7. It's All About You - Tutter receives a postcard in the mail from his Uncle Jet Setter Tutter.
  8. Woodland House Wonderful - Ms. Henrietta Vanderpeen informs Bear that the Big Blue House has been selected as the House of the Month for Woodland House Wonderful.
  9. I've Got Your Number - As Bear readies ten jars of honey to distribute to the residents of Woodland Valley, Pip and Pop are excited about a visit from the cousin Tally.
  10. What's Mine Is Yours - Bear explains to them that sometimes when somebody has something new, they might want to keep it to themselves at first.
  11. Bear's Secret Cave - Bear is thinking about discoveries and how much he enjoys discovering things himself.
  12. Smellorama - Spring has come to Woodland Valley and Bear is delighted by all of smells of the season.
  13. I For-Got Rhythm!? - One morning, Bear finds that he can no longer do The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha. It seems that he has simply lost his rhythm.
  14. Wait for Me - Patience is discussed here, while Ojo and Pip and Pop wait for a package to arrive.
  15. Morning Glory - Bear, Tutter, Treelo, Ojo, Pip and Pop have just had a sleepover and now Bear is waking up in the morning.
  16. That Healing Feeling - Tutter's tail hurts while the kids play Hide and Seek. Bear and Ojo take Tutter to see Doc Hogg.
  17. The Tutter Family Reunion - The annual Tutter Family Reunion is held at the Big Blue House.
  18. Bats are People Too - Bear, however, meets the bat, whose name is Benny.
  19. Words, Words, Words - Bear wakes up early on a sunny day and finds himself thinking about words.
  20. Let's Get Interactive - Doc Hogg is remodeling his office, so he asks Bear to hold some of his stuff at the Big Blue House for a while, including his computer.
  21. The Yard Sale - Doc Hogg stops by the Big Blue House to collect for charity. He's collecting for muskrat relief following recent flooding that left many of them homeless.
  22. The Best Thanksgiving Ever - It's Thanksgiving at the Big Blue House, and Bear is preparing his annual feast.
  23. Read My Book - Bear is holding his weekly book club.
  24. Go to Sleep - Ojo is sleeping over at the Big Blue House. Bear helps her get ready to go to bed.
  25. A Berry Bear Christmas (1) - The winter holidays find Bear and his friends planning a big celebration. They're all getting ready for Christmas.
  26. A Berry Bear Christmas (2) - Continuing from part one of the Berry Bear Christmas special, the entire gang (now with Jack) goes out caroling. Then they open presents.


  • Bear
  • Ojo
  • Treelo
  • Tutter
  • Pip
  • Pop
  • Shadow
  • Luna
  • Grandma Flutter


This season is almost like the second season. Which has mixed up airings. Episodes 25 and 26 were the last two episodes to air for this season.