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Season 2

Mitchell Kriegman
Dean Gordon (and Associate)
Lisa Simon
Jim Martin


Richard A. Fernandes
Andy Yerkes


Noel MacNeal
Peter Linz
Tyler Bunch
Vicki Eibner

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The second season of the Bear in the Big Blue House series began airing from June 1st, 1998 to February 1st, 1999. It contains thirty-nine episodes.


  1. Ooh, Baby, Baby - Bear helps Tutter learn how to care for a baby.
  2. Raiders of the Lost Cheese - The gang look for the lost cheese.
  3. The Big Sleep - Ojo, Treelo, Tutter, Pip, and Pop have a sleepover in the big blue house.
  4. Clear as a Bell - Bear talks about communicating.
  5. Good Times - Everybody wants time with Bear.
  6. You Learn Something New Every Day - Bear receives a notice in the mail.
  7. Back to Nature - Everyone talks about nature.
  8. The Ojolympics - Ojo gets the idea to start The Ojolympics.
  9. The Great Pretender - Bear shows Tutter that he's better at pretending than he thought.
  10. It's All in Your Head - Bear is planning to take the kids of the Big Blue House to the fair.
  11. Oops, My Mistake - Bear accidentally receives a piece of Doc Hogg's mail and decides to call him and let him know about it.
  12. Bear's Birthday Bash - Ojo, Treelo, Tutter, Pip, and Pop decide that they should give him a surprise party.
  13. Picture This - Bear decides to take some pictures of things around the Big Blue House and make an album to send to Ursa.
  14. The Big Blue Housecall - Doc Hogg pays a special visit to the Big Blue House to give everyone a checkup.
  15. Change Is in the Air - Bear has been planning on a visit from Doc Hogg, but finds his plans disrupted when a spate of colds at the swamp forces Doc Hogg to change his plans.
  16. Look What I Made - At the Big Blue House, Bear finds that his friends are all making inventions.
  17. If at First You Don't Succeed... - When Ojo decides to pretend that she's a big bear, Bear invites her to join him on a berry-picking expedition at the Otter Pond.
  18. All Weather Bear - Bear and his friends have decided to go swimming out at the Otter Pond.
  19. I Built That! - Bear recieves a birdhouse kit in the mail and he's excited about building it.
  20. Tutter's Tiny Trip - Tutter is nervous when Grandma Flutter plans to take him on a trip outside the Big Blue House.
  21. Dance Fever! - Treelo wants everyone to dance.
  22. Afraid Not - A thunderstorm comes which causes the kids to become scared.
  23. I Gotta Be Me! - One day in the Big Blue House, Bear finds himself trying on new clothes, hoping to come up with a new look.
  24. Buggin' - Bear and his friends talk about insects.
  25. Love Is All You Need - Bear is having a hard day. He misses Luna, who he loves very much.
  26. It's a Mystery to Me - When Bear pays a visit to the Otter Pond, he gets the first word of strange events happening in and around the Big Blue House.
  27. As Different as Day and Night - Bear talks about opposites.
  28. Grandparents Just Want to Have Fun - Pip & Pop can hardly wait for their grandma Etta and grandpa Otto to visit.
  29. The Way I Feel Today - The gang of the Big Blue House find themselves feeling many different ways and Bear is there to help sort it out.
  30. You Go, Ojo! - Bear and Ojo talk about the many great things that a girl can do.
  31. Scientific Bear - When Tutter decides to investigate new uses for Swiss cheese, Bear suggests a scientific experiment.
  32. Boys Will Be Boys - Bear and his friends talk about boys.
  33. I Was Just Thinking - Bear has received a book of brainteasers and is eager to try some of them.
  34. Wish You Were Here - When Grandma Flutter takes the children of the Big Blue House out to a square dance, Bear plans a day of busy activities. Instead, he finds himself missing their company.
  35. And to All a Good Night - There's a special party out at the Otter Pond and Luna even has a special surprise for Bear.
  36. Call It a Day - Bear and the kids have had a busy day and are now turning in for the night.
  37. We Did It Our Way - Bear talks about cooperation.
  38. What's the Story? - Bear gets ready for the Annual Woodland Valley Storytelling Festival at the Big Blue House.
  39. When You've Got to Go! - Bear talks about how to use the bathroom.


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  • The airings of the episodes of this season are not in order. So the the episode Look What I Made aired on Christmas Eve. That episode was the last episode to air.
  • This season has the most episodes in the series.