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Picture This
Season 2, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date December 13, 1998
Written by Lindsey Aikens (and Script Supervisor)
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman
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Bear's Birthday Bash The Big Blue Housecall

Picture This is the thirteenth episode of the second season.


Bear decides to take some pictures of things around the Big Blue House and make an album to send to Ursa. In the Shadow segment, Shadow reads "Roses are Red," repeated from A Wagon of a Different Color.



  • Picture This (song, music and lyrics by Steve Charney)

Shadow's Story[]

[Shadow starts reading "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue", repeated from "A Wagon of a Different Color" this time reading.]

Shadow: (reading) Roses are Red | Violets are Blue


  • The theme for this episode is about pictures.
  • This episode doesn't mark the first appearance of Ursa, but she will be seen and heard in the later episode And to All a Good Night.
  • In the Big Blue House scene when day turns to night, Bear says it has been a great picture perfect day and they can go to tell Luna all about it.
  • When Bear says goodbye to the viewers in this episode, stock footage is used and his voice is heard from last year's episode Water, Water, Everywhere.
  • There is no Bear close-up in the Luna segment of this episode.


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