Lynne Thigpen • (voice)
Peter Linz • (puppeteer)
Luna the Moon
Design Team:
Paul Andrejco • (designer)
Ed Christie • (builder)

Luna is the name of the moon on Bear in the Big Blue House.


At the end of every episode, Bear climbs to the attic (though, on occasion, he heads out to the Otter Pond) to talk to Luna about the day's events. Together they sing "The Goodbye Song" to close the show. More occasionally, other characters sometimes also talk with Luna and/or sing "The Goodbye Song." Bear and Luna are old friends. Luna often knows just what Bear's thinking and sometimes speaks in unison with him. Because she is very old, Luna is full of wise advice.

During the first season, while Luna rises, she sometimes looks at us while she is rising in most episodes. In the second season, she is in her medium and some large size. Until the third season, she is larger, but at the Otter Pond on the episode, Halloween Bear, she is in her medium size. Luna undergoes a slight appearance change in the fourth season of the show. Her coloring is more yellow.


  • Luna was recast for the stage show Bear in the Big Blue House Live: Surprise Party (which was also released as the DVD Bear in the Big Blue House Live!.) For that show, Carol Dennis recorded the voice of Luna.
  • Luna is also the literal Spanish and Italian translation of the word "moon."


Luna appears in all episodes.