Love Is All You NeedEdit

Love Is All You Need
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Season 2, Episode 25

Vital statistics

Air date September 2, 1998
Created, Written and Directed by and Executive Producer Mitchell Kriegman
Produced by Richard A. Fernandes

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Buggin' It's A Mystery to Me

Love is All You Need is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season.


Bear is very sad because he misses Luna. He thinks he loves her. But when Pip and Pop turn up, they make up a song all about how they love "love". Ojo and Tutter are arguing about their remark of the airplane they were playing with. They say that they aren't friends anymore. It's hard to know what to do when you are angry at someone you love. But then they apologize and they talk over as friends forever. And when night time comes, Bear and his friends talk to Luna all about our day. She asks if they could sing the goodbye song, and he says he'd... "love to!". Before he leaves to turn off the attic light the first time, there is something he wants to know - he says he loves the viewers and you too, and he always will. He says see you soon and for the second time turns off the attic light.



  • Love is Incredible (the Most Amazing Thing) (music & lyrics by David Yadbek)
  • Otter Love Rap (music and lyrics by Tyler Bunch; additional lyrics by Tony Fennell)
  • Friends Forever (music and lyrics by Peter Lurye)


  • The theme for this episode is about love.
  • This next episode is both written and directed by Mitchell Kriegman (the creator of the show).
  • This marks the second episode that Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip and Pop join in the Goodbye Song.


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