Jack Be Nimble was announced by Shadow's nursery rhyme when a news reporter reports a boy named Jack who needs help by jumping over a candlestick by a bunch of people in the crowd. This episode is from "The Ojolympics".


[The story starts with a drawing of faces in the crowd. A man approaches the audience.]
Man: Hello there. I am here to report another sports story about a boy named Jack. (sees the candlestick) Okay here. Now here is a candlestick, right on the ground, and see if how to reach it, or how to just jump over it. (to Jack) So, Jack, I am going to tell you about being nimble. (Jack wears his spike shoes) Now look! Jack is running quick! Isn't it great! And Jack is going to jump over the candlestick. And Jack just…jumped over…the candlestick! And Jack just w-oooooo-n!
Jack: I'm number one! I'm number one!
[The story ends.]