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Wish You Were Here
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Season 2, Episode 47
Vital statistics
Air date December 1, 1998
Written by Claudia Silver
Directed by Mitchell Kriegman
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All I Can Say Is... Old Summer Days

Wish You Were Here is the forty-seventh episode of the second season.


When Grandma Flutter takes the children of the Big Blue House out to a square dance, Bear plans a day of busy activities. Instead, he finds himself missing their company. He recalls events from the past and thinks about what they might be doing while they're away. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents a story about a 49-er to the tune of the folk song "My Darling Clementine." In the story, the miner's daughter, Clementine, is going away, but she tells her Dad that he's just going to school and she'll e-mail him. "What's e-mail?" asks the miner. Bear, bored, requests another story, but Shadow has other obligations. She is about to go swimming with the otters at the pond. She asks him if everything is all right, and he tells her about how the others went off square-dancing. Eventually, the others return, brimming with excitement about their trip and ready to share it with Bear, but expressing the feeling that they wish he had come with them. He tells Luna how much he missed the others when they went square-dancing. She tells them that they missed him too. But everybody is glad they are back, so Bear wants the viewers to visit him again real soon because he doesn't want to miss you. He chuckles, says "see ya" and turns off the light.



  • What's in the Mail Today? (music & lyrics by Dave Kinnoin & Peter Lurye (Instrumental Only)
  • Clean Up the House (score by Peter Lurye) (Instrumental Only)
  • Go to Bed, Sleepy Head (music & lyrics by Mitchell Kriegman & Peter Lurye) (flashback)
  • Dear Grandma (music & lyrics by Brian Woodbury & Peter Lurye) (flashback)
  • Otter Love (music & lyrics by Tyler Bunch; additional lyrics by Tony Fennell) (flashback, also briefly performed solo by Bear)

Shadow Segment (My Darling Clementine)[]

In a cannon, in a canyon

Excavating for a mine

Lived a miner, 49-er

And as dawn, Clementine

Oh my darling, oh my darling

Oh my darling, Clementine

You are lost and gone forever

Dreadful sorry, Clemetine.



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Bear in the Big Blue House - Wish You Were Here


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