• Inanimateinsanity4ever

    1. Morning Glory Bear’s Singing Voice In this episode is so beautiful. The songs are excellent, especially the Brushing Teeth Song! Tutter’s Laughing Scene In this episode is hilarious.

    2. Woodland House Wonderful This episode is about cleaning, and I love cleaning myself too. The songs appeared to be very impressive, but it takes time to discover that cleaning is part of life.

    3. That Healing Feeling This episode is about Tutter hurting his tail and I can’t believe this happens, but this episode is great and good as well. The doctors make me feel happy when they see this episode.

    4. A Berry Bear Christmas (1) and A Berry Bear Christmas (2) I Love Christmas and the Holidays, so that means that episode is very great when Jack the Dog comes to…

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  • Joshua R. T. Reed

    Wiki Development

    October 28, 2014 by Joshua R. T. Reed

    This wiki is still currently in development. I am looking for some helpers to be admins that know about the Bear in the Big Blue House series.

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