Big Blue Home of the Brave
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Season 4, Episode 21

Vital statistics

Air date November 4, 2004
Written by and Co-Producer P. Kevin Strader
Directed by Dean Gordon

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Big Blue Home of the Brave is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season.

Plot Edit

Tutter is excited to sing The Cheese Solo.

Characters Edit

  • Bear
  • Ojo
  • Treelo
  • Pip
  • Pop
  • Tutter
  • Shadow
  • Luna
  • Miss Maxwell
  • Chunk

Songs Edit

  • Braver than you Know (written by Andy Yerkes, song by Bob & Deena Cole)
  • Solo (song by Andrew Wyatt)
  • Goodbye Song (song by Peter Lurye)
  • (score by Julian Harris)

Trivia Edit

  • The theme for this episode is about being "brave".
  • We can see in the credits that "this episode is dedicated to Dean Brent McCune Jr.".
  • Al Theuer is credited as Al Theurer as Audio 1.
  • Because Dean Gordon is director in this episode, Maureen Thorpe takes his place as Associate Director.
  • In this episode also, there are two scenes that the Big Blue House scene turns day to night - one before the Shadow Segment, and the other is to see Luna.